15926-4 Improvements

ISO 15926-4 is published as a set of spreadsheets here. The initial set that was prepared for ISO/CD 15926-4:2004 was according to an agreement within EPISTLE based on an extract from the PCA RDL, which also included a set of classes from STEPlib that had been agreed for inclusion. Between the time of preparation of the CD draft and the issue of the TS additional classes both from the PCA RDL and STEPlib, including totally new entries, had been added to the set. Read more

Proposal for updated version

A proposal for an imporved P4 as an initial extract from the PCA RDL based on the 15926-4 spreadsheets.

A proposal for an updated version of ISO/TS 15926-4:2007 has been prepared from the PCA RDL based on the content of the ISO/TS 15926-4:2007 spreadsheets.

The proposal has been created by the following steps: Read more

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Reference data browser*

To make browsing the data easier for humans there are linked data pages available when running queries against the endpoint. All queries that display results using XSLT will link correctly to the linked data pages for humans (click on a subject).

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Class hierarchy browser*

No need to download Protege or TopBraid to view the class hierarchy. Use the online browser to view subclasses and superclasses in a familiar manner.

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Spreadsheet comparison*

There are differences between the 15926-4 spreadsheets and the OWL representation in the PCA RDL. Some of these changes can be viewed in the online comparison tool. Documentation for this tool is available in this pdf file.

Comparison Tool »

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