MIMOSA/PCA Operation and Maintenance SIG sandbox endpoint

This is the query page for the endpoint at http://posccaesar.org/sandbox/omsig/sparql and is publicly available. If you are going to use the endpoint in applications, use that address, and not the address of this query page. Some applications require you to also give the query parameter. The query parameter for this endpoint is query. A query URL would therefore look like this:

In addition to this query page for the SPARQL endpoint, the following password protected services are provided:

SPARQL Update - use this for update of your RDF graph(s). Use this if you want to insert triples, delete triples, create new graphs etc.

Upload File - use this to upload you own RDF files. It is possible to populate the triple store by adding files. Triples are added to the triple store, and will be put in the graph you specify.

Usage of the SPARQL Query page

You will find some default queries provided in the Query List. Select a query by hovering over the query list and left clicking on a query. Alternatively you can write your own. The pre-written queries include a list of relevant namespaces. The "test query without arguments" is therefore a good starting point, even if you want to write your own query from scratch.


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